If you want to sell your business, it’s important to understand what’s involved. We’ve outlined the steps to selling a business below and how SOT Business Brokering can support you throughout the process of selling your company.





How To Prepare Your Company For Sale

It’s time to get your paper work prepped! To present your business to a potential buyer, you’ll need to get your house keeping in order including P&Ls (profit and loss statements) from the last 3 years, up to date inventory and asset registers, current employee/contractor/client/lease contracts and more. Your business broker will advise you on what’s needed and assist where we can, for example liaising with your accountant if required.

How to Value a Business to Sell

We know getting the right price is top priority so our experts provide thorough analysis of your business to achieve a credible valuation. Our comprehensive appraisal includes many factors – physical assets, annual turnover, number of customers, online presence, mailing lists, industry trends, market potential and more.

If you are finding yourself asking questions like:

  • How much can I sell my business for?
  • How do I value my business to sell?
  • What is my business worth?

…then it’s time to talk to SOT Business Brokers. Our highly experienced team know how to price a business for sale and are happy to discuss the process in more detail with you.

Prepare Marketing: How To Find a Buyer For Your Business

Where to advertise your business for sale and how the sale is packaged and presented for high exposure is a critical part of the journey of selling a business. We work with top ranked websites selling businesses, ensuring your business is marketed to a large network of buyers. Buyers are vetted to ensure they are genuine and we consider their financial capacity, timing and motivation.

Target Buyers

SOT Business Brokers will explore your immediate networks including competitors, customers, employees and industry professionals. Want to sell your business but keep it private? No sweat.

We maintain strict confidentiality so your competitors, suppliers and employees are none the wiser. All interested buyers are pre-screened and execute a Confidentiality Agreement before receiving any sensitive business information. We control the communication every step of the way to ensure discretion is maintained whilst selling your company.

Obtain EOIS

Once a buyer has been vetted and is ready to present an offer, we’ll get an EOI or ‘expression of interest’ to you.

How Much Should You Sell Your Business For?

Our business brokers understand your industry, work with you to determine the right price to sell and understand how to sell your business quickly at the highest price. Your business broker will negotiate hard on your behalf and our wealth of experience in this area secures you the best possible outcome in the shortest amount of time. If your priority is to sell your business quickly, engaging a business broker speeds up the process of selling a company by allowing you to continue with operations as normal.

Accept Offer and Commence Due Diligence, Contracts and Legals

With any business sale there are formalities, procedures and legalities. We’ve got you supported at every stage - assisting with financial documents, contracts, liaising with accountants/lawyers/banks and more. Let us take the hassle out of the paper work and bureaucracy associated with selling your company.

Settlement & Handover: Support Selling Your Company From Start to Sale and Beyond

Making the decision to sell your business is the difficult part, everything else is easy with SOT Business Brokers Perth. We support you every step of the journey for a smooth business sale.

If You Want to Sell Your Business, Let's Talk Today

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