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05 Jan 2021

Caravan Repairs Business - "professional and knowledgable..."

"Alex was very professional and knowledgable, as soon as our business was listed he brought people through, he came out of business hours and stayed as long as he was needed. We had a buyer within three weeks, it took a while to get the sale finalised due to the buyers bank not being efficient but Alex helped them get things through and gave them advice throughout the process. I would recommend S.O.T to anyone wishing to sell their business."


Martin R, seller of a caravan repairs business in Perth


"As a purchaser Alex assisted us with in all areas to ensure we were fully informed of all requirements and was always more than happy to assist both out of work hours and at weekends to ensure we had all the required information to complete our purchase. We would recommend Alex to anyone as his support and follow up throughout the entire purchase process was second to none. Having had experience with another broker that was less than helpful it was refreshing to deal with an honest, straightforward person who understands peoples needs."


David E, buyer of a caravan repairs business in Perth



Martin R & David E