Family Restaurant Chain


  • Established 9+ years
  • Business operations are mature and proven successful
  • Scalable: superior processes, systems and equipment in place which drive results
  • Scope for at least 20 more locations (5-6 locations in each major city in Australia)
  • Fund growth through higher profits and fast payback period for each new store (less than 1 year)
  • EBA in place
  • License to franchise already obtained


Own a popular family friendly restaurant chain that can be run under management as a profitable, cash-generating business for new owners.

Annual profits are approaching $1.5m from multiple established restaurants.

The highlight of this business is the exceptional growth profile. A successful process is in place for new premises roll outs. Open new sites with a robust and easy to follow model - everything from design and fit out to staffing manuals are extremely well documented.

A nationwide growth profile has been identified, with scope for dozens of locations in Australia.

For each new premises set up there is an estimated increase in annual profits by $0.5m. Get return on your investment from new site launches fast - payback expected to be less than one year with premises setup costs under $500k.

Benefit from; existing supplier relationships, a large base of customers, superior processes, systems and equipment in place. A new owner can step in and continue driving revenue without interruption.

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Business Type business
Category Food/Hospitality
Address Perth


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